Learn How Even a Newbie Can StartEarning REAL Money OnlineWith ThisProven 4-Step Formula

Hi fellow entrepreneur,

If you’ve been trying to make money online, but so far nothing has worked then you’ll want to read this page in full.

Because I am going to show you how I went from a struggling “newbie”, earning zero dollars, to earning a comfortable living with a (mainly) passive online income.

So you can use the exact same 4-step method to build your own successful online business. From scratch.

And I’m not going to ask you for one cent.

Put your credit card away. You don’t need it.


I’m not trying to sell you anything here.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard stuff like this before, right?

So you’re skeptical.

That’s OK.

I would be too.

Because I fell for a lot of the same traps you’ve stumbled into.

I spent a lot of dollars trying to crack the “secret” to earning money online.

But the “secret” that they’re not telling you…

…that no one really wants to hear..

…is that…

Most of the people who tell you they can help you make money online are only interested in putting your money into their pockets.

They don’t really want to help you. They only want to help themselves.

Their sole objective is to make as much money as possible by selling crap.

Then they sell you more crap.

And then some.

Rinse and repeat.

That’s how they make money.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to sell stuff online.

Far from it.

I do it myself.

Without goods or services being sold, no one makes money.

Either online or offline.

What’s wrong is what they sell you and how they sell it to you.

What they are really doing is taking advantage of your desire to make money quickly and easily.

Let’s face it.

It would be great if there really was a “secret system” that just spits out cash at you.

A magic button that deposits money into your account while you sleep.

I would be the first to push that button.

Who wouldn’t?

If there really was a simple “push-button” system I would have found it by now.

And if it was that easy, everyone would be rich.

All these get rich quick systems are the same.

They promise you everything and deliver something entirely different.

The system seems to be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

But the moment you hand over your credit card details this is what usually happens…

  • they hit you with an upsell
  • and then another upsell 
  • the system is not “new” or “secret”
  • it doesn’t work like they promised
  • you don’t make any money
  • there’s no such thing as support
  • you have to jump through hoops to try to get a refund

That’s pretty much what happens most of the time.

The whole thing leaves you angry, frustrated and empty.

It’s not a nice feeling.

Just when you thought you’d found the solution you’re right back where you started.

Except it’s worse.

Because now you’ve lost even more money on yet another scam.

It’s no wonder most people fail!

This is the sad reality for most people who are brave enough to tackle the online world.

I feel your pain.

I’ve been there. I’ve bought into the crap. I’ve been scammed.

I’ve bought so many “shiny objects” that have turned to dust.

I had to wonder; am I stupid or is everything online another scam?

Everything I tried failed.

I almost gave up because I was just chucking money away on one program after the other.

Getting nowhere.

I seriously thought about quitting before I spent any more money.

Even my friends told me I should quit.

It’s hard to stay positive when everyone around you is telling you that making money online doesn’t work.

Is it really that hard?

Apparently so.

I almost gave up.

Then, eventually, I realized it wasn’t my fault.

I know that now.

Just as I know that it’s not your fault that you’ve been failing up to now.

You’ve been listening to the wrong advice from the wrong people.

Those people who only want to sell you more stuff.

The people who make false promises.

Who only care about themselves.

The only interest they have in you is in what’s in your wallet.

What they can get out of you.

Instead of helping you, they’re only interested in helping themselves.

But I know it doesn’t have to be like this.

There is a way for you to make money online.

Which is why you cannot leave this page until you hear me out.

Because you really want to succeed at this.

And I’m going to show you how.

You know… something that actually works!

The real deal.

The way to start a legitimate online business.

A business you can be proud to own.

A business model that really works!

And once you’ve discovered what I’m about to share with you, you’ll never need to buy another “shiny object” ever again.


Now you’re probably thinking…

“Now this is where you’re going to tell me about your whiz-bang system, right?”


It’s true… I did write this page to make money.

And it works.

Because I make a full time passive income from simple pages like this.


However, this is not a sales page.

There’s nothing for you to buy on this page… or the next… or even the one after that.

What I’m sharing with you is 100% free.

So put your credit card away.

You won’t be needing it.

My gift to you is sheer value for zero dollars!

That’s it. Nothing, zip, nada, zilch.

But as I said earlier, I did create this page to make a profit.

Because this is something I know you’re going to love.

This is a system where we can both earn money in the process.

Legitimately, legally, without hurting anyone.

As I said before, there’s nothing wrong with selling goods and services.

As long as we’re selling quality goods and services.

That benefit everyone.

That benefit both the buyer and the seller.

If you think that’s wrong then you’re in the wrong place.

This is online marketing. We sell stuff.

I help people get what they want. And in return, I get what I want.

It’s a win-win situation.

This is the formula that earns me a comfortable (mainly passive) living

I’m not rich, LOL.

But it puts food on the table and pays the bills.

And then some.

And I don’t have to leave the house.

Or punch a time-clock.

I have the freedom to set my own hours.

Doing something that I enjoy.

I haven’t had a job for over 15 years.

I love what I do.

And the best part is that most of the people I work with thank me for showing them how to get started with their own online business.

And I can show you too.

Here’s a link to my training page of videos and tutorials.

And my profile page where people hit me up to ask questions.

There’s literally hundreds of comments on those pages from people I work with every day.

People just like you, who I coach and mentor.

People who are building their own online businesses.

And they started off as total newbies with zero online experience.

Just as I did.

I’ll show you the exact process I used to go from struggling newbie to earning a full time (mainly passive) income.

And, more importantly, I’m going to show you how you can start applying what you learn from day 1.

Even if you’ve never earned a cent online before.

Yes, I know, you’ve heard that before.

But the proof is in the pudding, LOL.

How so?

Well you landed on this page, right?

And some of the people reading this, and take advantage of the free stuff I’m giving you today, will buy something else from me in the future.


Because they love the free stuff I give them first!

They see the value in what I share and they want the stuff I recommend.

Because they know it’s quality stuff that will benefit them and their business tremendously.

It’s the “give value first before asking for money” trick.

Crazy idea, right?

But it works!

And I’ll show you how to apply that principle to your own business, so you can nail it.

You can apply this stuff to any niche or interest you can think of.

So it’s not just about promoting and selling a system.

You can use this to promote your own products, or do what I do and promote other people’s stuff as an affiliate.

Which is way easier, in my experience, and just as lucrative.

Now before we go any further, I want to be clear about what this is not

  • This is not a “push button, I’ll do it for you” system.
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • This is not MLM (multi-level marketing) where you have to recruit people including family and friends.
  • This is not a high-priced system full of upsells.
  • This is not a job where you get paid by the hour.
  • This is not a “secret system” or “special trick”.

This really is none of those things.

This won’t help you if you’re looking to “get rich quick” or you need money the buy the groceries next week.

It’s not for lazy people who want the easy way out and are not willing to put in some effort to get what they want.

So, if this is what you’re looking for then you might as well leave this page now.

Yes, seriously.

I’m not trying to be rude.

But my time is valuable, and so is yours.

So let’s not waste each other’s time.



So if you’re still reading this, great! You are serious and I want to work with you.

I’m going to show you how to build a business that you love.

A business that really works.

I’m going to show you how to succeed.

But I need you to promise me something, OK?

I want you to start this as if you’re a child attending pre-school for the first time.



I want you to be fresh. Ready to learn.

No previous “stuff” getting in the way of your success.

I want you to be teachable.

Because I want you to actually make it.

I want you to succeed.

Sound good?

OK. Let’s do this…

On the next page, you are going to get access to the exact same 4 step formula I use to generate a full-time passive income online.

So you can follow the exact same formula yourself.

4 Step Process

This stuff is gold.

And it’s a time-tested formula that works.

A formula that allows you to take full advantage of the huge opportunity that exists within the online world.

What’s more, I’m going to connect you with this:

  • 10 step-by-step lessons, complete with videos, text, and tasks to complete 
  • Your very own ready-to-earn website, hosted and live on the internet 
  • One-on-one coaching from me. Yes, I’m a real person and I’ll help you to succeed 
  • Access to a friendly, helpful community of like-minded internet entrepreneurs who want you to win

These are the kind of advantages that you don’t get with most paid programs.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking action.

You are now at the point of decision.

You can continue doing what you’ve always done. And get the same results you’ve always got.

Or you can try something different and get different results.

You can break the cycle and start building a real business.

Your own business that puts you in charge.

If you’re still reading this, then I know that’s what you want.

Make a new choice, and work towards a new outcome. 

Tap the big blue button below to get started now, and I’ll see you on the next page.

(no credit card needed)

Just in case you’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page before reading (like I sometimes do) here’s a quick recap on what you will get immediate access to on the next page.

  • The exact 4-step formula I use to earn a full time passive income online 
  • Step-by-step training to show you how to get started
  • Your own ready-to-earn website, fully hosted and live on the internet
  • One-on-one coaching with me
  • Access to a thriving community of online entrepreneurs
  • Many more resources to help you create your own online business

You get all of this for zero dollars. Yes, really.

So tap the big blue button above to get started and I’ll see you on the next page.

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