Add Blogroll to Menu When Using a Static Home Page

In this video you’re going to learn how to add your blogroll to your menu when you want to use a static page as your home page.

  1. Go to Pages > Add New or + New > Page
  2. Give your new page the title of ‘Blog’ but no text and publish.
  3. Now go to Settings > Reading and select your chosen static page as your home page and ‘Blog’ as your posts page.
  4. Next go to Appearance > Menus and add your home page and the page named ‘Blog’
  5. Drag the new menu items to the positions you want them to appear – usually the first two items.
  6. Make sure you’ve chosen where you want your menu to appear.
  7. Save the menu and you’re done.


Click here to learn more about menus

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1 thought on “Add Blogroll to Menu When Using a Static Home Page”

  1. Marion, you are a lifesaver. Everyone has been telling me how to write a blog, but nowhere can I find help in physically creating the blog, until now. From now on, you are my go to Guru. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to helping us who struggle in this brave new binary world. Please tell you kitty hello for me…



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