• Lace Flowers-Ellis says:

    Thanks for this Marion. I’m going to try the WordPress plugin you found and feedback. Thanks again.

  • barbaraA says:

    Thanks, Marion. This is a clear explanation of what is needed. Glad you mentioned mobile. It’s sometimes forgotten that sites appear different than on a computer.

  • Karen Forsman says:

    Hi Marion, thanks very much for sharing this. I have just started affiliate marketing and have a disclosure statement on my site, but didn’t realise it needed to also be close to any affiliate links within actual posts. Definitely food for thought, and I’m going back to relook at the structure of my website. Cheers, Karen

  • Kevon says:

    Thanks very much for this post Marion. It’s always important to follow the rules and operate a bubsiness that is above board. I appreciate the information. I going straight away and ensure that all of my pages have affiliate disclosure. Do you know of any plugins or tools that can make this easy, wiothout having to go to each page to add the affiliate disclosure. I know there are plugins for everything so I’ll check it out.

    Thanks again.



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