• John ツ says:

    Hi Marion,

    Another great article of yours. I do enjoy coming on your website often as it is filled with excellent information.

    On the subject of buying traffic, in my early days online I used to buy traffic from freelancers but later discovered that they were 99% fake people clicking on my websites. I have learned from my mistakes and never bought any traffic after that.

    Looking forward to your future articles.

    John ツ

  • Maurice Jackson says:

    I considered and tried the paying traffic scene. And nothing good came from the experience. All the hoops you had to go through are hoops you can do without or do for yourself. The program you offer here sets a real foundation for any online aspirations one might be considering. Your game will only be as good as you are trained.

  • David A Sweney says:

    Hi Marion, I agree that all traffic is not equal. As you state, even if you BUY traffic, you can waste that money, because people sell traffic that really is not going to help you in any way for leads, conversions, or profits. I went through Fiverr and really saw that it was money thrown away. I have had much better luck using facebook paid ads, and although it is easy and quick to get started, it would be smart to take some training prior to spending a lot of money on Facebook or ANY paid traffic I think! Cheers! Dave : )

    • Marion says:

      Great advice Dave. I definitely agree with you that it’s a good idea to take some training before you embark on any advertising campaigns.

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