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Pinterest: Confirm and Verify Your Website

In this video you’re going to learn how to confirm/verify your website on Pinterest. When you mess with code there’s always a chance that you could break something. When you mess with your website’s code then that something would be your website. If you’ve made any changes to your site since your last backup then do a […]


In this video you’ll learn how to choose a good hosting company for your website.There are many hosting companies around and you’ll want to choose the one that suits you best.Recommended Hosting Companies: BLUEHOST DREAMHOST SITEGROUND WPX Please scroll down for comments.

About Me Widget

In this video you’re going to learn how to make an about me widget to appear on every post and page. Why would you want an about me widget? People buy stuff from people they know, like and trust Your about me widget is a great way to introduce yourself to your audience so they […]

What is WordPress?

There are 3 distinct meanings for “WordPress” WordPress (capital W, capital P) is a free and very popular content management system for websites. is the organization responsible for creating, improving and distributing the content management system. is a commercial enterprise. In this video we’ll look at the different flavors of WordPress. WordPress WordPress […]