Clear the Clutter

A new WordPress installation usually comes with a sample post, page and a comment, and perhaps some suggested plugins.

In this video we’re going to clear the clutter so you can start fresh.

In your WordPress dashboard go to posts, all posts and hover over the title of the Sample post.

Click on trash, then trash just above and empty the trash.

Now go to Pages, all pages and hover over the title of the Sample page.

Click on trash, then trash, just above, and empty the trash.

Now go to plug ins, installed plug ins and deactivate the plugins that you won’t be using.

Now you can delete the plugins that you don’t require. You cannot delete active plugins so they must be deactivated first.

Now you’ve cleared the clutter from your WordPress dashboard you’re ready for a fresh start. So I’ll see you in the next video.


About the Author


Marion is the founder and owner of Marion Black Online. When she's not creating "How to" videos, she enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, and binge-watching an entire TV series in one day.

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