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Lesson 2

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Today we’re going to talk about calls to action.

Some people will give your video a thumbs-up, subscribe to your channel, and leave a comment, all without being asked.

But you’ll get even more engagement when you ask for it.

Just give them a little nudge within the video.

Using the right calls to action within your videos will increase your conversions, boost your channel, and make it even easier to rank the individual videos.

The main calls to action you can include in your videos are:

  • Like
  • Subscribe
  • Turn on notifications
  • Click the link below the video
  • Leave a comment

The more subscribers you have the more loyal fans who will watch your videos and give them a thumbs up. Google loves views and “likes” and rewards those videos with better rankings.

So when do you add a call to action?

First introduce yourself and your topic with a brief overview of the subject you’re going to talk about.

Now you can ask your viewers to like the video (give it a thumbs up), subscribe to your channel, and turn on notifications.

By the way, if you like this video then please give it a thumbs up. And when you subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications you’ll hear when I make the next video for you.

When you’ve described the benefits that your viewer will experience when they purchase your recommendation you can say “click the link below this video to… (and fill in the blank).

Ask your viewers to leave a comment or a question and promise that you’ll get back to them. And make sure you keep that promise.

Repeat your calls to action near the end of the video just before signing off.

Viewer engagement, in particular comments and likes, will help to boost your video’s rank.

And the higher your video ranks in the search results, the more views it can attract.

If this video has been of help to you then please leave a comment below.

And your questions are always welcome. I’ll respond to you as soon as I possibly can.

And I’ll see you in the next video.

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