Custom Thumbnails

Lesson 8

Today’s video is all about custom thumbnails.

A picture tells a thousand words. Some of your competitors don’t bother with thumbnails. They just let YouTube pick out a frame from the video and call that a thumbnail.

So it’s not hard to beat a lot of the competition simply by having a good custom thumbnail.

The thumbnails that attract the most clicks are what’s known as click bait.

You can create your own custom thumbnails using Canva, or even PowerPoint. But the easiest way to get clickable custom thumbnails is with Thumbnail Blaster.

It’s an online app that gives you access to squillions of photos, illustrations and text.

Since using a Thumbnail Blaster my videos have attracted 3 times more clicks.

You can check out some of my custom thumbnails on my channel: MarionBlackOnline

I also use Thumbnail Blaster to create featured images for my website. And the latest update to the app means you can specify custom sizes so you can use it for all your graphics including social media.

Amazing New Thumbnail Blaster Feature - Best Thumbnail Creator Software

Use this link to check out Thumbnail Blaster for yourself.

And I’ll see you in the next video.

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