End Screens

Lesson 7

Today we’re going to look at end screens.

In the original creator studio classic you can access info and settings, enhancements, audio, end screens, cards, and subtitles/cc.

While all of these features have their uses, we’re only going to concentrate on end screens as adding end screens to all your videos will help to boost the number of views which will, in turn, increase your video’s ranking potential. 

In studio beta you can use the editor button on the left to access end screens and the blur tool.

If you are in the original creator studio you can find all of the available options.

To add an end screen you can start with a template or import an end screen that you created for another video. Click view to explore some options.

You can use various elements in your end screen to promote your videos and playlists, ask viewers to subscribe to your channel, or link out to approved websites.

Use the timeline below the video to set when you want each element to show up in the video. 

You will want your end screen to show for 10 to 20 seconds.

There are quite a few template provided by YouTube for your end screens.

Find one you would like to use or start from scratch. I suggest including at least one video and a subscribe button. Choose a layout where the end screen does not obscure any important information in your video.

The end screen elements available to choose from include video, playlist, subscribe, channel and link.

The default is to show the end screen for the last 20 seconds so plan for the end screen when you are creating your video.

If you want to adjust the timing of the end screen use the time line.

Make sure to save the end screen when you’ve finished.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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