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This fast-paced course will help you get higher rankings on YouTube with more views, more subscribers, and more conversions.

How YTJACKR began

The other day I was chatting to Jim, my online BFF, via Skype. I mentioned I'd like to create a new course but didn't know what topic would serve my viewers best.

Jim: Here's one I know you can do... "How to rank on YouTube" a video course... I'd buy that!

Me: Yes, my videos have been ranking well on YouTube and Google search too.

Jim: 'tis a good idea cos I was going to ask you to teach me your method so I can do it for launch jacking too.

Me: OK. I'll make a course out of it and give it to my mate, Jim.

Jim: I'll make the logo for you.

And thus YTJackr was born.


Course Outline

Talking Head Videos

Today we’re going to talk about making face as a real person. AKA talking head videos.

I don’t like doing talking head videos.

I’m not a pretty young thing anymore, I blink constantly, I hesitate midsentence and do a whole lot of other things that I don’t like to see in my videos.

Calls to Action

Using the right calls to action within your videos will boost your channel making it even easier to rank the individual videos.

Spy on the Competition

vidIQ Vision is a Chrome extension which will help you get a handle on the competition.

vidIQ Vision will help you learn what’s working on YouTube and what’s not so you can make your videos rank even better. 

Unlisted Videos

Because you’re going to be doing a fair bit of tweaking before you announce your latest video upload to your loyal fans you’ll want to upload it as an unlisted video.

The Importance of Titles

Today’s video is about your video’s title.

Your video’s title is probably the most important ranking factor so it’s worth spending the time to get it right.

Descriptions, Tags, and Hashtags

In this video we’re going to look at descriptions, tags and hashtags.

The description you put below your video is another very important ranking factor.

End Screens

Today we’re going to look at end screens, cards etc.

Adding end screens to all your videos will help to boost the number of views which will, in turn, increase your video’s ranking potential. 

Custom Thumbnails

Today’s video is all about custom thumbnails.

A picture tells a thousand words. Some of your competitors don’t bother with thumbnails. They just let YouTube pick out a frame from the video and call that a thumbnail.

So it’s not hard to beat a lot of the competition simply by having a good custom thumbnail.

After Publishing

You’ve managed to track down your hidden video and you’ve changed its visibility from unlisted to public.

So here’s the next steps to take to maximize your video’s views.

People can be a bit reluctant to be the first to like and comment on a video so create the first comment under your video and pin it. 


Here's a checklist you can download and keep handy for when you create your next video.

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