• Hi there,

    I have a custom theme and am unsure how to change just the color of hyperlinks embedded in posts (links to other sites). Right now they’re yellow on a white background and I would like to change that.

    • Marion says:

      It should not make much difference which theme you’re using, John. Go to Appearance > Customise and you should be able to find an area where you can add Custom CSS. Watch the video again if you’re still unsure.

      • Ok, I tried all the links and am more clear on my issue now: I would like to make unvisited links only for hyperlinks embedded in other posts to be a different color, with all other webpage links remaining the same color. Is that possible?

      • Marion says:

        That may be possible, John, but it would be rather complicated, certainly beyond my pay grade. Don’t overcomplicate things. Ask yourself: is it really that important? And wouldn’t it be confusing for your site’s visitors to have different colours for different links?

  • Len Hend says:

    Thank you from another Ozy – so good to get a straight to the point answer.

  • Muhammad Yamin says:

    Thank you…………
    My site Hyperlink got colorless means all empty spaces wherever the text is hypelinked. Applied your code & I am a happy customer.

    God bless you

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