• JV says:

    Great analysis. I have seen the video from that Google discussion when it appeared in 2016, so it was obvious that there was no duplicate content penalty, but Mueller said it would be ranked below the original. This what you did shows even more, a) that a thief can do better than the original author, b) that Google is not consistent with what they claim. I just checked, the duplicate text is number 1 in Google, and the original is number 4.

    One objection. This is perhaps still an initial ranking, based only on the authority of the two sites. The final ranking will come later when they assess both articles thoroughly. So the ranking could reverse.

  • Heidi Hornlein says:

    This is REALLY interesting. I had heard about the Google penalty and when I posted the same video on 2 different websites I always forced myself to write a different short text with each of them. But maybe that is not needed and I can save some time? That seems what your article suggests, Marion. Would be really great

    • Marion says:

      Even though there’s no such thing as a Google penalty for duplicate content the big G will only rank one version if the two articles are very similar. If you want both articles to rank then you’ll need to make them substantially different.

  • Sylvia says:

    I didn’t realize that Bing would give different search results to Google. Thank you for posting this article.

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