Explode My Payday Review

Explode My Payday Review

Good day, folks! How’s everyone doing? I’m guessing you’re here because you want to know some juicy gossips, am I right? If that’s the case, then sit tight and accompany me as we unravel this product’s truth.

Welcome to my unbiased Explode My Payday review.

Let’s take a closer look…

Explode My Payday overview

Name: Explode My PaydayVendor: Meaghan HarperProduct Type: Affiliate Marketing PlatformPrice: $47 + upsellsRecommended: No


Explode My Payday Product

Verdict: People behind Explode My Payday are really good at building hype around the internet about the system with no solid testimonials, just wild claims.

Upsells are pretty crazy, too.

The fact that the owner is hiding behind a stock photo should make everyone feel alarmed. 

What is Explode My Payday?

This product’s name sounds very alarming, I must say. Anyway, Explode My Payday is a brand new system created by a lady named Meaghan Harper who claims that it will help you earn $1000 a day without having to do any work.

Hmmm, once again, a product that sounds too good to be true.

She claims on her video that you can start earning money once you’ve signed up. How true is that exactly?

Explode My Payday Site

The image above is what Explode My Payday sales page looks like. Take note of the scarcity tactic they use: “Registration Is OPEN As Of: today’s date (whatever date today actually is) Act Now!”.

And in the video, Meaghan claims that the offer will be taken down at midnight on the date above the video. I had a look the next day and the offer was still there… hmmm… 

Explode My Payday Taken Down

I think we can almost agree that when a program uses false scarcity tactics to get you to purchase their product as soon as possible it’s just a “get-rick-quick” trick. They use tactics like this so people who see the message will hand over their money quickly.

There are other websites and programs that DO have time and availability limits which are genuine but this is not one of them. The availability date here changes every day.

Fake Testimonials?

I have to call into question the reliability of the people doing the testimonials. A quick Google search shows that “Megan” does testimonials and videos for lots of products. Is she a paid actor?

Testimonial Explode My Payday Paid Actor

Features Included with Explode My Payday

To be really honest with you, I don’t know what features are included with the system, since they never even gave us any info in the video of how we’re gonna get the $1000/day. There’s just a hint that “This One Simple Loophole Can Have You Cashing 3 Checks a Week”. “Loophole” sounds a bit grey hat to me.

On their sales page, all you can hear about on the video is “you will be able to earn thousands of dollars in a day or after a week of joining”, but they did not really elaborate on how they’re gonna make it happen whatsoever.

I also believe that for us to make such money— may it be from paid surveys or affiliate marketing, it’s gonna take us a while for us to finally see results. That’s basically how life works.

Who is Explode My Payday For? (and Not For)

Explode My Payday is another trick on the internet that will con you into paying $47 for who knows what.

It is not for anyone who expects to earn money let alone $1000/day, because it will never happen. Go find some REAL affiliate marketing system that will provide honest results for you.

I will tell you about my #1 affiliate marketing program recommendation as we go through.

What is Explode My Payday about?

Well, we really don’t know. All we hear about is that people are about to change their lives and make thousands of dollars a day doing something, but we don’t know what.

On their sales page, you get to watch a video containing Meaghan Harper’s pitch about her business “Explode My Payday”. She will try to convince you by showing off her bank’s account balance:

Explode My Payday; Meaghan Harper's Alleged Bank Account Balance

Note that the name of the owner of the bank account is missing and the “balance” could easily be fake. Definitely “Not representative of average earnings”.

She will then ask you if you have a PayPal account, and will follow with her showing off hers:

Explode My Payday; Meaghan Harper's Alleged Paypal Account Balance

Tempting, but not enough proof…

Even if the money in the bank and PayPal was real it wouldn’t be from using the “system”. It would most likely be from scamming innocent people like us.

Pros & Cons of Explode My Payday


  • There’s a refund policy (you’re gonna need it)


  • Stock photo of the “owner”
  • Questionable testimonials
  • Not enough info on what the system actually is about
  • No way you can contact the owner/s
  • Doesn’t have a free trial

What I Like About Explode My Payday

The fact that they have a refund policy makes me like them a little; there’s a “100% Risk Free: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee”. So yeah, there’s that. Methinks you’re gonna need it!

100% Risk Free

What I Don’t Like About Explode My Payday

Just about everything!

The initial price they’re asking is only $47, but how come the average affiliate who promotes Explode My Payday makes a heap more than that? 

The UPSELLS. Yep, that’s right. The $47 “entrance fee” is just a key to the door. It cannot keep you up the whole ride.

They have 2 upsells:

1. Big Bundle- $195; and

2. Campaigns- $99 (email marketing training)

And, as with all products like this, you need the upsells to make the original purchase work. And remember, there’s no money-back guarantees on upsells, only on the original product.

Fake Owner?

The name Meaghan Harper sounded fictitious to me, if you ask me. Perhaps it’s a pen name. It’s something you could see in a fiction novel, but it wasn’t just me, though.

Wait until you see where I’ve found our girl…

This is the photo she’s showed on the video claiming this is “her” on Explode My Payday’s sales page:

Meaghan Harper?

Now, how come she’s on Shutterstock? Perhaps she’s not making enough money out of Explode My Payday and she’s moonlighting as a model.

Shutterstock Image

I mean, this Meaghan Harper is possibly just a made-up “owner” to give Explode My Payday an identity, and that, for me, is already quite alarming. As the owner of a successful business, I’m happy to have my real face on my website’s pages. I know you’d feel the same way, too.

If the “owner” appears fake, I wonder what else is fake???

Is Explode My Payday a Scam? (don’t buy until you read this)

You’ve come this far, so I’ll just assume you already know what’s up with this system. If you still haven’t figured it out, scroll back up a little and you’ll see what I’m babbling about. 

With the unrealistic amount of money that they’re pushing us to believe in, and the fact that “Meaghan Harper” didn’t give any indication of how her business works, that alone should make us all alarmed and think thrice if we’d want to be part of something like that.

Why this legitimate affiliate marketing platform is a better alternative

Learning how to make money with affiliate marketing takes a lot of courage, and please don’t be mad at me when I told you there’s no EASY CASH on the internet.

BUT, you can make your time worthwhile with affiliate marketing and with the help of the right program, you can most definitely see what’s ahead of you— success in your chosen business.

My number one recommended affiliate marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a legitimate course that will help you reach your goals, and will never make false promises and fake testimonials.

Learn more about this precious by clicking the button below: (that is, if you’re tired of getting fooled by the same system over and over again).

Final Say

Thank you so much for sticking with me until the very last juice of this review. I had so much fun providing you the light about Explode My Payday system, you guys!

If you have any more questions, or if you’ve already purchased, leave me a message below! I’d love to hear from you. 

Don’t lose hope with affiliate marketing just yet, you. I said there is no EASY CASH, but I didn’t say there’s no CASH! You can still earn money online, but then again, it takes time and courage.

If you’ve decided and ready to make your own business online, visit the one I highly recommend to my friends; and because I also consider you as my friends, please feel free to join. 🙂

See ya!

  • Overall Rating


False scarcity tactics, dubious photo, suspicious bank account balance. Too many red flags for my liking.

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