In this video you’ll learn how to choose a good hosting company for your website.

There are many hosting companies around and you’ll want to choose the one that suits you best.

Recommended Hosting Companies


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  • Peter says:

    You mention SSL in the video. How important is that for a site if no financial transactions are being done? WA doesn’t give its members’ sites SSL certificates.

    • Marion says:

      Sites without an SSL certificate are being flagged, at the least, as “insecure”. I don’t like visiting sites that are not secure, do you? Wealth Affiliate does provide free SSL certificates, even for the siterubix subdomains.

      • Peter says:

        When I go to my site it says “not secure” to the left of the url. It shouldn’t say that if there’s a security certificate.

        Do you know if the email addresses of those who signed up on my site (I have a forum and members have to register) were saved when I backed up with WP Clone or when I backed up the database or when I used Tools…Export or would they not have been backed up with any of these methods? Thanks.

      • Marion says:

        If you’re having problems migrating your website then know that I provide a professional site migration service. If you would like to take advantage of this please let me know via email at marion[at]

  • Peter says:

    Hi Marion. I was reading about shared hosting vs wordpress hosting. WordPress hosting is supposed to be faster and have fewer problems because it’s customized for wordpress and will have the most recent updates. Shared hosting is not customized for wordpress or anything else so it will be slower and could have more problems but shared hosting is cheaper. When I went to hostgator I was considering wordpress hosting and a sales rep recommended shared hosting because it’s cheaper. He said their shared hosting isn’t slow but of course he would say that. He also said shared hosting gives you cPanel and wordpress hosting doesn’t (I think). All the hosts offer both options. After choosing a host, would you recommend shared or wordpress hosting?

    • Marion says:

      Shared hosting is a cheaper alternative to Managed WordPress hosting, speed doesn’t really come into it. Your website’s loading speed is affected by many factors that you control yourself.

      If you’re prepared to do your own backups and updates then shared hosting is fine. I used shared hosting for many years before switching to VPS (Virtual Private Server). Using a VPS is the best alternative when you have lots of visitors to your website. I’ve never actually used Managed WordPress hosting myself although I know many other people who use and recommend it.

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