How to Choose and Install a Free WordPress Theme

When you first install WordPress the default theme of the current year is the active theme.

But you won’t want your website to look exactly the same as all the rest, so in this video, you’ll learn how to choose a different theme.

There are thousands of free themes to choose from as well as premium themes. We’ll just look at the free themes that can be installed in minutes from your WordPress dashboard.

How to Choose and Install a Free WordPress Theme

How to Choose and Install a New Free WordPress Theme. Quick and Easy, Even for Beginners

Go to Appearance > Themes and then click on Add New at the top of the page or Add New Theme at the bottom of the page. Either will take you to the ‘Add Themes’ page.

You can search by Featured, Popular, or Latest tabs.

You can also type in a keyword or, if you know the name of a theme you like, you can type that into the search box.

You may find it easier to choose a new theme by using the Feature Filter.

You can select the Layout that you prefer, check various Features, and even choose a Subject that is in line with your niche.

For this demonstration, I’ll choose Two Columns and a Right Sidebar for the Layout. And for the Features, I’ll choose Custom Colors, Featured Images, Flexible Header, Footer Widgets, Full-Width Template for my landing pages, and Theme Options. And my Subject is Blog and Education.

Now click on Apply Filters.

Hover over any theme that you like the look of and click on Details & Preview for more information on that theme.

If you don’t see a theme that you like you can Edit the Filters.

Once you’ve selected your theme click on Install then Activate.

Then you can customize it to make it truly yours.

If you’re not happy with your new theme choice at any time you can go back to ‘Add Themes’ and try a different one.

To delete extra themes that you don’t need click on the theme, anywhere except the buttons, and you’ll find Delete at the bottom on the right.

Always leave one of the WordPress standard themes installed but not activated in case anything goes wrong with your chosen theme. You’ll want to have a standard theme to fall back on.

Now you know how to choose a new theme for your WordPress website.

Leave a comment below to tell me which theme you’ve chosen and why you like it.

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