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Is Jaaxy the Best Website Keyword Suggestion Tool?

One of our main SEO jobs as a website owner is to attract organic visitors to our website. And what better way to do that than by finding out what people want to read so we can write it for them?

There’s little point in writing something that no-one is interested in. So your SEO arsenal should include a keyword suggestion tool. Without SEO keyword research how would you know what search terms people are using?

What to write

What to writeYou get an idea for a blog post that you’d like to write. So you need to know if anyone is actually looking for that information. And you need to know which part of that information is most important to them.

Once you know what’s important to your potential readers you are better able to focus on supplying that information. Your article can become more focused.

Stop Words

One of the things I’ve observed is that people generally use just the main keywords when they search. They rarely type in complete sentences and they very seldom use quotes when they search.

So-called stop words such as “a”, “and”, “be”, “in”, “me”, “on”, “of” and “the” etc. are generally omitted from the search keywords but they should not be omitted from your article. Your article should be made up of complete sentences which include the so-called stop words.

If it doesn’t make sense to your readers then they are not going to read the complete article. And when people stop reading an article quickly then the search engines notice and downgrade the article in the results pages.

What we write must make sense for humans. Using the exact keywords that people search for in our articles may make them unnatural and stilted. When it’s not easy to read we lose our audience quickly.

The amount of time people spend on a given post is highly relevant to the article’s rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The longer the article holds peoples’ attention the more love the search engines give it.

But that doesn’t mean that the more words you write the longer people will stay on the page. An article should be as long as it takes to explain the subject fully without fluff. I like to say that a post should be like a miniskirt; short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the important parts.

People want information

In my experience what people write in the search box of their browser is what they want more information about. If they ask a question then they want an answer to that question. They don’t expect to read their question, they expect to read the answer. Not just any answer, but a comprehensive answer that covers all aspects of their question. But without any unnecessary filling.

Targeting a particular number of words is a waste of everyone’s time. Your time in writing the article and your reader’s time when they are reading it. If they don’t find the information they want quickly their eyes seem to glaze over and they skim through the rest of the article. Or just leave.

Your job is to give them the information they want in such a way that they enjoy reading the article.

If they like what they read they may look at other articles you’ve written which keeps them on your site longer. That’s what ‘bounce-rate’ is all about. If people leave your website very quickly your website’s overall rating in the search engines declines, thus making it harder for your individual articles to rank well. Remember to do some internal linking in your articles to keep peeps on your website longer.

Keyword Stuffing

One of the rookie mistakes new bloggers make is to write for the search engines. So they find a good keyword phrase with lots of searches and they stuff that phrase into their title, first and last paragraphs, and sprinkle it throughout the article. After all, that’s what our SEO plugins recommend. And it worked six years ago.

Not anymore. Keyword stuffing will see the article ranking lower than it could have if it had been written for the readers instead of the search engines.

How to choose keywords

To know what your audience wants to read you need a keyword suggestion tool; a way to find out how many people are actually searching for what you want to write about. And suggest similar search terms your potential readers are looking for.

To help with your keyword research you can get 30 free searches using this tool:


You’ll not only see how many people are using a particular keyword phrase in their searches you’ll also get some great keyword suggestions. These suggested keywords will help you focus on what real people really want to know about within a given subject. Thus you’ll know how to round out your article so it covers the info that’s important to your readers.

My Keyword Research

I thought that website owners would want to know how to choose keywords. So I went to my favorite keyword suggestion tool and typed that into the search box.website keyword suggestions

The result was not quite what I expected. Less than 100 searches per month. OK, at least some people want to know how to choose keywords so let’s scroll down and look at the keyword suggestions based on similar keywords people are using.


I discovered that “website keyword suggestion” is getting lots of searches each month and the competition is not too high. If I can write an article that’s better than just one of top ten in the search engine results then I stand a good chance of getting it onto page one.

That’s all you have to do. Find a good keyword, write a good article that’s better than just one of the top ten and you too can have a page #1 result.

Want more than 30 keyword searches?

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate get unlimited searches using Jaaxy Lite, the same version I use. Or you can get Jaaxy as a stand-alone tool.

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Bottom Line

If you want your articles to rank high in the SERPS then Jaaxy will help you choose the right keywords.

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