• Antonio says:

    wIshing you the best in life Marion.
    I have sub domain site as a free member with wealthy affiliate. I want to migrate the site to namecheap because i know if you do not upgrade Wealthy Affiliate people will eliminate your site it happened to me.
    As a free member what do i need to provide to namecheap people because i have no access to the cpanel and the plugins as you already know. What information will they need?

    Thanks for your information


    • Marion says:

      Hi Antonio,

      Unfortunately, as you are a free member, there is no way you can migrate your website to another hosting provider.

      The best option that I can think of is to copy and paste all your content into Microsoft Word or a similar word processing app and then copy and paste it into a brand new website.

      And I really don’t recommend NameCheap as a web hosting provider. They are primarily a domain name registration service which, I understand, provides cheap shared hosting on over-crowded servers. Please consider this discount hosting option as an alternative.


  • Diana says:

    Hello Marion, thank you very much for this amazing information. I have one question for you. All these steps are just to move the website and the domain to another host, in case of closing the WA account, or I can do it as well but continue to be WA Member? Thank you, anticipate.

    • Marion says:

      Hi Diana,

      I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for over 5 years but I don’t use their hosting because it’s not as good as I’ve got at DreamHost. I strongly recommend that you move your websites to DreamHost, BlueHost, SiteGround or WPX to get fast, reliable service for your site’s visitors. There’s absolutely no need to cancel your membership at Wealthy Affiliate just because you want a better hosting provider. The affiliate marketing training is still spot on.

  • Dam says:

    I’m trying to modify All in One Migration Plugin, you sad that we need change number 28 on Line 284 to 56 in constants.php.
    I can’t find that numbers, line 284 ili blank.
    Can you please check that, maybe they modify plugin.

    • Marion says:

      Yes, Dam, they have modified the plugin. As mentioned below the video “The legacy version of the plugin is no longer available at wordpress.org so you’ll want to download it from FreeAndCheapEbooks for a small fee.”

  • Glen says:

    Hi Marion,

    Thanks for all your help.

    I followed your instructions about moving my websites from WA to another host (SiteGround). It all went well. The SiteGround tech support people moved my large site (1 GB) as I had one free move to use.

    I ran some page speed tests of my largest site before and after moving. I was surprised at the results.

    My home page speed on a mobile device was 58 before and 73 after.

    A long blog post on a mobile device was 56 before and 80 after.

    The before and after tests were 5 days apart. But the time difference should not explain the big differences in numbers. I am more concerned about site performance on mobile devices than desktop (desktop numbers were all in the 90s). I conclude that WA hypes its hosting performance.

    • Marion says:

      Hi Glen,

      Congratulations on making the move to Siteground.

      It has long been my contention that WA hosting is OK for newbies with zero tech skills. For those of us who take our business seriously, we need better hosting. That’s why I never moved my sites to Wealthy Affiliate and prefer to pay extra for quality hosting.

      I hope all goes well for you in your future endeavours.


  • Vivi says:

    Hi! I am trying to move my WA to Bluehost and I get a message saying that I need a EPP Authorization code, do you know what that is and how can I get it? Thanks

    • Marion says:

      The authorization code is only required when you want to change the registration of the domain name to a different registrar. It’s not needed for migrating your website. And I don’t advise changing the registration of the domain name at the same time as moving your website.

      Wait until after the migration is complete then go back to https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/domains > Settings and select Transfer Domain from the drop-down list.

  • Irene says:

    Wonderfully detailed instructions on how to move a site from WA to another host. I love the little plugin hack. Many thanks.

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