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This fast-paced course will help you get higher rankings on YouTube with more views, more subscribers, and more conversions.

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How YTJACKR began

The other day I was chatting to Jim, my online BFF, via Skype. I mentioned I'd like to create a new course but didn't know what topic would serve my viewers best.

Jim: Here's one I know you can do... "How to rank on YouTube" a video course... I'd buy that!

Me: Yes, my videos have been ranking well on YouTube and Google search too.

Jim: 'tis a good idea cos I was going to ask you to teach me your method so I can do it for launch jacking too.

Me: OK. I'll make a course out of it and give it to my mate, Jim.

Jim: I'll make the logo for you.

And thus YTJACKR was born.

(It's free)

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