In this video we’re going to look at updates.

WordPress itself, your themes, and plugins frequently require updating for new features, security, and bug fixes.

When updates are required you’ll see a circle with the number in it next to the word Updates in your WordPress dashboard.

If you have any content on your website make sure to run a backup prior to updating your themes, plugins, or WordPress.

We will look at backups in another video.

In your menu on the left-hand side under dashboard click on updates.

If there is a new version of WordPress update that first.

Tick the box to select all plugins then update plugins.

Wait a few moments then select all themes and update.

Now you know how to update WordPress, plugins and themes. I’ll see you in the next video.


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Marion is the founder and owner of Marion Black Online. When she's not creating "How to" videos, she enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, and binge-watching an entire TV series in one day.

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