Free WordPress Course for Beginners

WordPress: Step by Step from Zero to First Blog

WordPress Course for Beginners

Are you a budding entrepreneur? A stay at home parent? A Student? Retired? Do you want to make money working from home?

Are you frustrated because you know you need a website, but don’t want to pay a geek to build it for you?

Relax, it’s easy. You can you build your own website or blog from scratch.

This online WordPress for absolute beginners course will show you, in over-the-shoulder videos, how to get your website up and running, ready to start writing your first blog.

There’s no need to learn HTML or code (four letter words) or understand all the nerdy/geeky jargon.

And the videos are downloadable so you can watch them on your mobile device whenever you have a few spare minutes.

What’s in the course?

22 Videos with over an hour of ‘no fluff’ content.

First you’ll learn the ‘secret sauce’ to getting an awesome domain name and choosing a great hosting company.

Then I’ll show you the easy way to set up a blog. You won’t need to download WordPress because I’ll show you how to install WordPress with just a few clicks using your control panel.

Your new website will be a work of art because you’ll choose a theme you love. I’ll show you how to quickly find the right free theme, out of all the thousands of themes out there, using my special technique. And I’ll show you how to install WordPress themes.

You’ll learn about plugins and widgets (what is a widget?) and you’ll create a professional-looking email address using your own awesome domain name.

And finally you’ll learn how to use the WordPress editor. You’ll discover how to create headings and sub-headings, format the text and add images to make your webpages look spectacular.

So whether you want to share your knowledge with the world or you want to make money blogging this course will get you started.

Student Reviews

Recent Reviews

“My blog is up and moving.. Great Course”

“She is very easy to follow and understand. I like the short lessons and the little quiz after.”

“I learned a LOT through this course and I’m happy I can come back if I need any more references or if I forget something. This course was wonderful. Thank you.”

“This course did exactly what it said. From zero to a completed website, with backup, spam protection, scan, content, email and images.” 

“I love listening to the instructor on this course. I find her manner of speaking really easy to understand and not clogged with ums and ahs, and she goes through the steps slowly enough that I can keep up but not so slow that I get bored.”


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WordPress Step by Step from Zero to First Blog
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