YouTube Secrets Review: Legit or Scam?

Can you really make money from YouTube without creating any of your own videos? It's theoretically possible, but not really practical. This YouTube Secrets review will show you why.

But first off, I want to congratulate you for doing your research before purchasing this product that I'm about to review for you.

Being cautious is what we all need in this world full of deceptive people trying to lure us into using or buying things that we don't need just so they can suck money out of our bank accounts. 

We don't want that. YOU don't want that. Always do your research before you buy.

Yeah, that's an affiliate link. If you really want to buy into this hype using my link then I'll get a small commission which I don't want. Sure, I like money, but I don't want you to waste yours.

YouTube Secrets Overview

Name: YouTube Secrets
Vendor: Mike Williams
Product Type: YouTube Marketing Training Program
Price: $27 a month (7-day trial for $1)
Recommended: Nope


Verdict: YouTube secrets may teach you how to market your YouTube videos but the premise of making money with "no marketing, no filming, and no website" is basically flawed. 

What is YouTube Secrets About and How Does it Work?

YouTube Secrets is a training course created by Mike Williams that promises that you can make money off of other people's videos on YouTube.

The idea here is that you find videos on YouTube with a Creative Commons license which you can legally modify. You then make a compilation of parts of those videos which you upload to YouTube as your own creation.

It sounds simple so far doesn't it?

Then the course teaches you to use Google ads to make money from your videos.

It sounds good in theory. But here's the rub.

A newbie can't qualify for Google ads. Here's the official criteria:

How to Qualify for YouTube Ads

How can a newbie accumulate 1,000 subscribers to their channel? Some channels have been around for years without getting one tenth of that number.

And 4,000 public watch hours? That's hours not minutes! Doing the math, it works out at 240,000 minutes. Let me repeat that, two hundred and forty thousand minutes. Minimum.

For a four minute video that works out at 60,000 views. 

Sure, some videos will go viral and accumulate lots of views in a short time but they're the exception. 

If you'd like to see what the average number of views is per video, broken down by categories, then visit 

Creative Commons Licensing

Then there's the licensing issue. There are several different Creative Commons licences and most of them are non-commercial.

You can't just grab any Creative Commons video and modify/add to it and then expect to earn money from it. You have to carefully check the licence of each individual video you would like to use. That's every single video.

And, as I said, most of the Creative Commons licences are non-commercial. This means NO ADS. And no other way to legally make money off them.

Break copyright laws and/or YouTube's terms and conditions and you could face a hefty fine and/or lose your channel.

Imagine building up your channel so that it gets over 4,000 hours public viewing and over 1,000 subscribers only to have it shut down because you've made a simple mistake. WAH!

What's Inside YouTube Secrets

Mike Williams claims that he's "cracked the code" to making effort-free money online using other people's YouTube videos. 

Roughly 30 minutes a week is all it takes. Hmm. 

This sounds like another one of those shiny object schemes where your computer spits out cash at you while you lie on the beach with your laptop. Never gonna happen!


There's step-by-step video tutorials to teach you how to create your own videos. These tutorial videos will give you the "right" places to look for free music and videos that you can use from YouTube's database without having to worry about copyright. (See my notes on copyright above.)

They will also teach you how to be careful not to get sniffed and banned by Google AdSense so you could make actually make money off of these videos.

Now maybe, just maybe, he can teach you how to create better titles, and descriptions, and thumbnails. But these are all part of marketing. Yet he claims that you don't need marketing to make money on YouTube.

Of course you need marketing!

Potential Earnings Calculator

You gotta love the crazy calculator which shows an estimate of your potential income.

Sheer genius. Playing on people's greed and desperation.

eBooks and Bonuses

  1. The Secret to Building Your YouTube Audience- a 6-step process on how to build and gain YouTube viewers and followers.
  2. 3 Keys to YouTube Audience Success- a guide on how to make your audience keep coming back for more content from your channel.
  3. Viral YouTube Traffic- marketing opportunities through YouTube.
  4. YouTube Video Marketing for Business: Tips and Techniques- learn how to brand your channel.
  5. Success in 10 Steps- Mike Williams will share how and what he's learned over the past 29+ years of being a network marketer.
  6. Success Attitudes- a guide that will help you uncover where success really begins. (Which the keyword, of course, is "attitude".)
  7. Success: 30 Interviews with Entrepreneurs and Executives- methods, insights and tips from successful people.
  8. 8605 Niche Marketing Words and Phrases- learn how to hook and enchant viewers through your "words" for your sales.
  9. Niche Finder Mechanics- teaches you the 3 phases on how to conduct niche research.

Tools and Resources

  1. TubeChop- allows you to chop a section in a video.
  2. Dragon Tape- merges video clips into one.
  3. you can download any YouTube videos directly to your laptop or computer.
  4. YouTube Captions- add captions and/or transcripts to your YouTube videos.
  5. Turn Off The Lights- putting the focus on the video.
  6. YT Podcaster- convert YouTube videos into mp3 (which can be done easily online nowadays, by the way).
  7. Tube Mogul- a paid video advertising service. 

How Much is YouTube Secrets?

You can take YouTube Secrets for a test drive for just one dollar. Now that sounds tempting.

But then you can expect to pay $27 every month after that.

The monthly membership gives you access to updates and unlimited support.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee. 

And I'm pretty sure you're gonna need it.

If you try to leave without buying then you get a little pop-up offering you the YouTube secrets eBook. Valued at $50.

It's a little strange that this is not included in the membership.

Who is YouTube Secrets For? (and Not For)

Of course, like any other sales page that aims to pull more people into their scheme, they will do and say anything to make you believe that they know what they're doing.

They only have one agenda and that's to convince you to buy into their hype. And, honestly speaking, if I was new to this thing and didn't have any idea how these things work, I would totally get on it, too.

If you already have a YouTube channel and need some pointers on how to make it profitable then this program may help. But there are better options out there.

This one's not for everyone. And, dare I say it, this is probably not for you. You want to learn how to make real money and profit online? Wait for my recommendation.

This program will only teach you how to do something that really doesn't work. If it was that easy, everyone would be rich.

Pros & Cons of YouTube Secrets


  • $1 for a 7-day trial


  • The premise of making money out of Creative Commons videos is flawed
  • Monthly membership instead of a one-time payment
  • Not for newbies

Is YouTube Secrets a Scam? (don’t buy until you read this)

"Make money from YouTube with no marketing, no filming and no website!" If only that were true. 

I remember a friend asking me to do a YouTube channel that focuses on skincare and beauty. I wanted to consider the thought, but knowing how tight the competition is on beauty videos let alone the whole YouTube community, I had second thoughts and opted out.

It's VERY hard to earn a thousand views, I've seen friends who do YouTube videos— and believe me when I say they have been doing it for years— but they still struggle.

So, you just couldn't blame me if I almost laughed at how YouTube Secrets said they're gonna help us earn $10k/month. I swear, I almost threw up, because I know it's NOT THAT EASY. 

It is NOT true. 

In order to make money on YouTube for your channel, it will need lots of views for the advertisers to consider if they'd want to be advertised on your videos. Views are not like something you can pick up at the side of the road. No. Just no.

Does it sound like a newbie can qualify for YouTube ads and start making money straight away?

Like what I've mentioned earlier, it all boils down to traffic. You need to have a strong amount of followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter for them to help you share your videos, and most importantly a large number of subscribers on YouTube.

It takes a lot of time to build. My friend jumps up and down from joy for the 500+ views on her YouTube video, so I just cannot trust this system saying they can make money by re-purposing Creative Commons videos. I just can't.

There are policies, terms and conditions, copyright licences, and other stuff need to be considered in order to get paid from views. So, yes, there's that.

So, please, be extra cautious, my friends. I'm all for making money online, but there are better alternatives. 

There is a Better Alternative

Instead of trying to earn money by joining these airy-fairy money-making schemes I suggest you learn affiliate marketing.

It's the best way I can think of when I get asked how to make money on the internet. It's not a scheme, it will never force you into things you don't like doing, and most importantly, it will NOT cause you to worry about getting your channel removed from YouTube.

Affiliate marketing will only help you grow. 

If you want more info about affiliate marketing and the number one training I recommend, then go ahead and click the button below:

Finay Say

Any affiliate marketers you'll come across in your life will tell you that making money is never easy let alone through ONLINE. It's a big thing and needs time and effort.

You don't need some random sales pages telling you how you can make 5-digits money from grey-hat techniques. You only need to believe in yourself and find better alternatives.

Believe me when I say I know the struggle of finding legitimate ways of earning money on the web. But I urge you to stand strong and trust that one day the right opportunity will come along. And affiliate marketing could be just what you're looking for.

Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online.


Name: YouTube Secrets
Vendor: Mike Williams
Product Type: YouTube Marketing Training Program
Price: $27 a month (7-day trial for $1)
Recommended: Nope


Verdict: YouTube secrets may teach you how to market your YouTube videos but the premise of making money with "no marketing, no filming, and no website" is basically flawed. It's never gonna happen.

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If the premise of making money out of Creative Commons videos was not basically flawed then perhaps I could recommend the training. But as it stands you’d be better off investing in something more practical.

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